Bench coach’s half time speech solely responsible for turning game around

Fartfordshire Rollergirls are victorious entirely due to half time team speech given by bench coach.

Last weekend saw Fartfordshire Rollergirls face off against the Netherregion Rollers. Going into half time, Netherregion were leading by over 200 points. But in a completely unprecedented game twist, Fartfordshire ended up taking the game with a final score of 400:205.

In a post-game interview, Fartfordshire captain Holy Molly stated that the outcome out of the was entirely thanks to an inspiring half time talk by the team’s bench coach Mr Tea.

“We didn’t know what we were doing. We were just running around like headless chickens.” Holy Molly said. “Tea asked us ‘DO YOU WANT TO WIN THIS GAME???’ – Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it until then. But once he said that it became our main goal. Tea also said that to win the game we ‘needed to try and stop the opposition from scoring points and also try to score more points ourselves’ – such an eye opener! This is simply not at all what we had been practicing in the lead up to this game!”

Mr Tea commented: “My girls did great. I’m so proud that I won this game.”


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