WFTDA: “Investing in roller derby development outside North America so not worth it.”

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) have stated that they will discontinue efforts to develop roller derby outside of North America.

WFTDA spokeswoman commented: “For several years now, we have been working heavily towards developing roller derby in Europe, Australasia and South America. But we have found that these investments are just so not worth it.”

“Just look at the facts. How many overseas teams are in the WFTDA Division 1? I mean, sure, there’s London and VRDL in the top 10. And more recently Helsinki, Crime City and Stockholm have made into D1. Sun State and Glasgow are also in there.”

“Berlin, Paradise City, Tiger Bay, Kallio, Auld Reekie and Pirate City are not far behind. And teams like Sydney or Leeds may soon be at this level. But you know that’s all, really.”

“There is just no evidence that overseas teams are going to be able to develop and keep up with the high standard set by the American teams.”

“The day a non-American team wins the Hydra is the day I will eat a jammer hat.”


3 thoughts on “WFTDA: “Investing in roller derby development outside North America so not worth it.”

  1. That’s too bad. This used to be the way with ice hockey. Only Canada and the Soviet Union winning Olympic gold from the 20’s to mid 80’s. With investment and some borrowed coaching, other countries began to evolve and started to win gold. Roller Derby should take a closer look at what “investment” really means. International countries have heart and enjoy the sport, I’d hate to see them lose support because their growth and success has been deemed behind-pace.


    • This is a satire site, you have been had. The WFTDA is still highly involved in expanding derby world wide from what I am seeing. Every time a post goes up here at lease one person thinks it is real….

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