Roller derby skater wins her 100th award certificate in rookie bout

This last weekend Hashbrown NoFilter of the Funbridge Rollers was awarded her 100th skater award certificate in a rookie bout.

Hashbrown, who started skating four years ago, has taken part in over two hundred beginner bouts, rookie bouts and cherry poppers. In addition, she has also participated in over fifty mixed scrimmages, mini tournaments, sur5als and other non-bout format roller derby events.

Across these bouts, she has been awarded a total of one hundred best blocker, best jammer or most valuable player (MVP) certificates.

Hashbrown commented: “I’m so chuffed at winning all these awards. I didn’t win any initially. But after my 20th bout or so they started coming in. And now I get an award pretty much every time!”

When asked how she was able to take part in so many rookie bouts, Hashbrown commented: “They usually say that the Cherry Poppers are for players who have played up to three bouts. But, like, that only counts bouts with your travel team.” Within her home league Hashbrown has not yet reached travel team level.

“I’ll be on the team soon. I mean, those awards speak for themselves!”

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