Study shows that roller derby freshies have no clue what is happening on track

A recent study has shown that beginner roller derby skaters have literally got no clue about what is happening during gameplay.

Results showed that skaters thought there were on average between one and three jammers in a given jam.

Skaters found it confusing that “lots of stuff happens” and that “it all happens really fast”.

When asked how points are scored in roller derby, the majority of skaters indicated that they thought it involved magic.

Skaters were also found to be mystified by floor markings of any kind. One skater knew that blockers had line up “in front of that one line”. But was completely shaken in her beliefs when another skater suggested lining up “just behind that other line” at the jam start.

Penalties and interactions with referees were found to be significant sources of confusion.

Hannah, who has recently passed her minimum skills with the Derpshire Rollergirls commented:

“I asked the ref if I could call the jam. But he just gave me a blank stare and pointed at me.

“Then I was blocked off the track and tried to get back on as quickly as possible. But then the ref said I had to go off again and go to the penalty box. It’s soooo confusing!”

“Also, there are so many whistles! What do they all mean???”


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