Roller derby skater fouls out in first jam

The bout of Derpshire Rollergirls vs the Lame County Rollers this past weekend marked the first time that a skater fouled out during the first jam of a game.

Westspinster, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, accumulated seven penalties during the first jam and had to sit out the rest of the game, leaving her team one player short.

Westspinster was fielded by her team as a blocker in the first jam of the game. By the end of the jam the game was over for her.

The bout’s head referee explained how the one-jam foul out came to be:

“The skater committed a False Start by touching the jammer line and was issued a False Start warning. But she carried on skating forwards, causing the referee to issue a Failure to Yield penalty.”

“During this time, the skater also committed a Cut Track on the inside line, cutting two of her team mates. She didn’t react to this penalty either, and was issued an Insubordination penalty before finally leaving the track to head towards the penalty box.

“When she entered the penalty box area, she lost control and hit the penalty box chairs in such a way that the penalty box NSOs had to move out of the way to avoid being hit. She was issued a Misconduct penalty for this.”

“During the communication of this penalty by an outside pack ref, the skater must have misunderstood and thought that she could leave the penalty box. She left the box before finishing her penalty time, which constituted an Illegal Procedure penalty, and reentered the track in front of two other blockers from her own team who formed part of the pack. For this she was issued an Illegal Reentry penalty.”

“At this point the skater seemed exasperated and made a rude gesture whilst on her way to the box, thus earning a final Misconduct penalty.”

After her foul out a skater from her team had to sit in the penalty box to serve the remainder of Westspinster’s penalty time, which was a total of three minutes and twenty-eight seconds.

During the entire jam, Westspinster never once made contact with another skater nor did she gain relative position on a single opponent.

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