Rose City to hold fifteen separate bootcamps in Europe to keep everyone happy

The Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice have announced that they will hold a series of fifteen identical two-day bootcamps over the course of two weeks so that every last member of the European roller derby community gets a chance to attend.

Past events involving American teams in Europe were often limited in terms of time and capacity, leading to outcries from the derby community as to why we can’t have it all.

But the Rose City Rollers have vowed to do better. They will be holding fifteen separate two-day bootcamps over two weeks and across different locations in Europe.

Bootcamp dates will include both weekends and weekdays. A Rose City player explained: “Week days don’t work for some people. But we also wanted to make sure that we could offer some dates that wouldn’t clash with everyone’s busy British Champs or wedding weekend schedule.”

Each of the fifteen individual bootcamps will be followed by a public bout of Rose City vs London Brawling.

The announcement by the Wheels of Justice was met with positive reactions from the European derby community.

Bargebishop, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, commented: “I couldn’t get a ticket when Gotham came over last year. So it’s only fair that this year they should try a bit harder to keep me happy.”

“It’s almost annoying that they’ve put so much thought into it. If I have nothing to complain about, how will I make this all about me?”


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