Roller derby fresh meat skater creates Facebook athlete page in anticipation of imminent stardom

Amy, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, created a Facebook athlete fan page for herself as soon as she entered her league’s Fresh Meat program.

Amy explained: “Lots of skaters on our A team have an athlete page. I figured it wouldn’t be too long before I am one of them. This will help me connect with all the fans and sponsors I am bound to have very soon.”

“I mean, I did a really good T-stop the other week, so I’m expecting that Riedell will come knocking any moment now.”

“And I like that, because of this page, I am officially an athlete now!”

When asked if this move might be considered somewhat conceited, Amy replied: “I don’t think so. It’s not really me who is posting. It’s my derby persona, and she is so awesome that she definitely needs a fan page.”

“It’s going really well. I already have three followers: my mom, my boyfriend and that creepy guy who always comes to our bouts.”

Amy further explained her strong need for an athlete page: “How will people know that I ‘work hard, play hard’ or that I #eatclean or that I am one of the ‘girlswholift’ if I don’t post about it on my fan page?”

“For me, training does not end, and achievements mean nothing until I have have posted about them on my page.”

“If I don’t find a good selfie opportunity at one of our practices, then I basically consider that session wasted.”

“I would say that, in derby, the number of followers and likes you get on Facebook is more important than your attendance and effort at training.

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