British Champs to schedule triple header events every single day

The organisers of the British Roller Derby Championships have announced that next year’s schedule will see triple header events on every day of the week.

This year saw 72 women’s leagues from around Britain participate in the tournament across four tiers, as well as 14 men’s leagues across three tiers. For next year, an additional 80 women’s teams and 30 men’s teams teams will be joining the British Roller Derby Championships, resulting in a total of 17 women’s tiers and 9 men’s tiers.

British Champs spokesperson Car Shark commented: “We think this is the only way forward for our sport at this time. We want to get more and more teams participating in the tournament. We are also trying to create even more opportunities for officials and volunteers to get involved.”

“Based on how well the tournament was organised this year, we definitely think that we are ready for this move without any changes to our infrastructure.”

“We fully expect each and every British Champs event to sell out of tickets. We also expect very few clashes with non-British Champs events. And even if there are clashes, we think that audiences will chose to go to British Champs events over others.”

Bootycca, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, commented: “I’m definitely gonna go and and see all these British Champs games. I would much rather see a Tier 9 triple header than watch whatever overseas team LRG might bring.”

Car Shark commented: “We are really looking forward to next year. It will be so much easier for teams to organise their season and to establish a clear derby events calendar for Britain. Don’t want to hold an event on a British Champs day? Well, every day is British Champs day!”

“We think that leagues will be very happy to invest all their resources into the British Championships. After all we will, without a doubt, determine the very best women’s and men’s teams in all of Britain!”


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