Passages from the WFTDA roller derby rules where the word ‘skater’ has been replaced by ‘n00b’

1.1.1 – At most, 14 N00bz may be on the roster for a specific game.

1.5.4 – Any N00bz who are not completely in bounds at the jam-starting whistle will not be permitted to join the jam in progress.

1.8.1 – The Penalty Box Area is the designated area where penalty time will be served. Benches or seats must be provided as part of the Penalty Box. The benches or seats must be capable of accommodating a total of six N00bz (three from each team). – The Official Score must be highly visible to Officials, N00bz, and audience members.

N00b positions refer to the position a N00b is playing during a jam. A N00b is not limited in the number of positions that N00b may play during a game, but is limited to playing one designated position at a time.

2.1.1 – Blockers are positional N00bz who form the pack. – A N00b lined up in the Pivot starting position will not be considered a Pivot unless the N00b is wearing a Pivot helmet cover with a visible stripe. – A Jammer may earn Lead Jammer and so become the only N00b with the privilege of calling off (ending) the jam prior to the expiration of the full two minutes.

2.3.2 – Jammer Identification: A N00b who is serving a penalty from a prior jam in the position of Jammer will be identified as the Jammer for their team. If no such N00b exists, a N00b in possession of the Jammer helmet cover will be identified as the Jammer for their team. If no such N00b exists, one single N00b who is lined up in the Jammer Starting Position will be determined by the Jammer Referee to be the Jammer for their team. If no such N00b exists, that team is not considered to have fielded a Jammer for that jam. – Jammer Status may not be transferred by handing off the Star via other N00bz, or throwing or dropping the Star.

2.5.2 – If the Star is passed illegally, Jammer Status is not transferred, even if the Pivot has sole possession of the Star. Both N00bz retain their original status, and the initiator of the pass is penalized accordingly.

2.6.5 – If a helmet cover falls to the ground or is removed from play by any means, a qualified N00b (e.g., the Jammer or Pivot) may skate out of bounds to recover it, but only if the helmet cover is itself touching out of bounds.

2.6.6 – Helmet covers must be on a qualified N00b’s head, or in a qualified N00b’s hand, before the jam-starting whistle. – Proximity is defined as not more than 10 feet (3 meters) (as measured from the hips) in front of or behind the nearest pack N00b.

3.2.7 – N00bz who line up completely outside of their legal starting area (but fully inside the track boundary) will be issued a penalty.

3.2.8 – N00bz who line up fully in bounds but in an illegal starting position (while touching their legal starting area) are considered to have committed a False Start, and will receive a False Start warning. Once warned, N00bz who False Start must cease all forward motion until they have yielded to all N00bz in the immediate vicinity by ceding relative position to those N00bz, or they may be issued a penalty.

3.3.8 – N00bz may leave play mid-jam by removing themselves from the track, in order to remain safe. This includes but is not limited to a N00b leaving the track due to injury, or to adjust or reposition the N00b’s safety equipment or skates. N00bz who exit the track for other reasons may be subject to penalties.

3.3.9 – Airborne N00bz retain their prior in-bounds, out-of-bounds, or straddling status until they land. Note that passes achieved while airborne do not count toward gaining lead, and do not earn points, unless the N00b also lands in bounds. – Only N00bz who are in play may skate in front of an opponent to impede the opponent’s movement on the track.

4.1.2 – The N00b who initiates contact to an opponent is considered the initiator of a block. – It is possible for both N00bz to be considered initiators.

Penalties are applied to both a N00b and the position that N00b is currently playing. N00bz and teams are assessed penalties due to infractions.

5.3.10 – Flailing and sprawling N00bz who low block an opponent causing the recipient to fall or lose relative position.

N00bz often work together to execute more effective blocks on opponents. – The penalty will be issued to the N00b most responsible for the wall’s impenetrability. If neither N00b can be identified as most responsible, the penalty will be issued to the N00b closest to the Referee.

5.8.1 – N00bz must be in bounds when engaging other N00bz.

5.9.3 – N00bz are permitted to skate clockwise on the track provided they do not engage with other N00bz (e.g., block opponents or assist teammates).

5.9.7 – Skating in the clockwise direction in a way that does not affect other N00bz.

5.9.12 – Incidental contact from a N00b getting spun around as a result of another block.

5.10.2 – If the actions of a N00b, team, or group of N00bz create a “No Pack” situation, one penalty for destroying the pack will be applied to a single N00b who is most responsible or the Pivot. – Examples of illegally destroying the pack may include but are not limited to a N00b, N00bz, or a team running away, braking or coasting to drop back more than 10 feet (3 meters) behind the opposing team; taking a knee; intentionally falling; or intentionally skating out of bounds in such a manner that the legally defined pack is destroyed. – A N00b or group of N00bz is always responsible for the consequences of their actions.

5.10.5 – During a No Pack situation, N00bz will be warned that there is no pack and will be penalized if they do not immediately attempt to reform the pack. For N00bz in the rear group, this includes stepping or skating in the counter-clockwise direction. For N00bz in the front group, this includes coasting, braking, or coming to a complete stop.

N00bz cannot drop back while in play in efforts to undo or avoid Cutting the Track penalties. – An upright and skating N00b who returns completely in bounds (having previously been out of bounds) in front of at least one in-play, in-bounds and upright N00b, which results in the offending N00b having improved their relative position.

5.12.2 – Exiting the track of one’s own accord in order to avoid an obstacle (e.g., spills, debris, or downed N00bz). – Mistakenly exiting the track due to mishearing an Official’s instruction (e.g., a N00b thinking that they have been called on a penalty when in fact they were not). – A N00b who returns from the outfield to the track and misjudges their speed, causing them to exit the track on the infield, has left the track entirely under their own power. – A N00b who fully exits the track in order to avoid receiving a block is considered to be exiting the track entirely under their own power.

5.13.3 – Too many N00bz on the track. The extra N00b is instructed to return to the bench without stopping the jam.

5.13.12 – Forcing a jam to be called off due to too many N00bz on the track. If too many N00bz are on the track, the Referees will direct a N00b off the track. If a N00b does not leave the track and the jam is called off due to too many N00bz being on the track, that N00b will receive the penalty.

5.13.17 – A N00b exiting the Penalty Box who re-enters the track in a manner that would constitute a penalty for cutting, given that all in-bounds and upright Blockers are assumed to have superior position to a N00b returning from the box.

5.13.21 – Too many N00bz and/or team support staff in the designated team area.

5.14.3 – A N00b who, after having been clearly and appropriately called on a penalty, fails to leave the track. This penalty will be assessed even if the N00b is not aware that they have been called.

5.16.16 – Any contact initiated by a downed N00b that causes an opponent to fall or lose relative position, or allows a teammate to gain relative position.

5.16.18 – A N00b initiating contact or engaging an opponent before the jam-starting whistle that allows the initiator to gain a superior starting position.

Gross Misconduct is defined as an indiscretion so serious that it justifies the instant expulsion of a N00b, even on the first occurrence.

5.16.27 – A N00b who, on their way to the Penalty Box during a jam, makes forcible contact with another person (other than a teammate), or who causes a Penalty Box seat to do so.

6.1.4 – If a penalty is committed by a Non-N00b (e.g., by a team’s bench staff), the penalty will be assessed to the Captain, unless otherwise specified. – Penalized N00bz must be substituted in the case of a N00b who has been injured, fouled out, or expelled. These substitutions may only take place between jams. A N00b who has fouled out or has been expelled is not permitted to return to play and that N00b’s team must skate a N00b short for the remainder of the jam.

6.2.2 – Penalty Box Procedures, Rights, and Restrictions: When a N00b is sent to the Penalty Box, the N00b must immediately exit the track to the appropriate direction. The N00b must then skate to the Penalty Box in the counter-clockwise direction without returning to the track. – If, after being sent to the Penalty Box, all parts of a penalized N00b have passed beyond Point of No Return, the N00b must skate all the way around the track in order to enter the box from the appropriate counter-clockwise direction. – The penalized N00b will be sent to the Penalty Box as soon as there is room in the box, provided another Blocker from the N00b’s team is on the track and has joined the pack. – In the new jam, N00b substitutions from the bench are allowed, with the exception of the penalized Jammer.

6.4.1 – Fouling Out: A N00b fouls out from the game when seven penalties have been assessed to that N00b. – Coaches and managers are held to the same standard of sporting behavior as N00bz.

The team of a N00b who is ejected from a game, either due to an expulsion or fouling out, must play down a N00b in the ejected N00b’s position, as if a penalty had been assessed.

Only N00bz wearing the designated Jammer helmet cover with visible stars are eligible to score points. – The Referees are responsible for determining that both teams have the correct number of N00bz in the jam, taking into account N00bz in the Penalty Box. – If the jam starts with too many N00bz, the Referees must direct the last Blocker who entered to leave the track. If that N00b cannot be identified, the Blocker who is closest to the Referees must be directed off the track. – If the jam starts with too many N00bz, and the extra N00b cannot be directed off the track, the Referee must stop the jam. The extra N00b should be penalized. – The Referees will ensure that the N00bz are wearing all required safety equipment, the correct uniforms, and the correct N00b designations. – The Referees will determine that the N00bz are in the proper formation. – Referees will: – Exclusively use a N00b’s team color and roster number for referring to that N00b (for example, calling penalties on the N00b). – Too many N00bz on the track. After the jam has started Referees will expeditiously direct any extra N00bz so that the jam does not have to be called off. – Too many N00bz on the track that gives that team a competitive advantage. – A team has five or fewer N00bz still eligible to participate in the game. – N00bz are strongly encouraged to secure or tape down loose Velcro on pads. – If more than one jam is called off for the same N00b, the N00b must sit out of the remainder of the period.




The N00b identified to speak for the team.

Engagement Zone

The zone in which Blockers may legally engage and be engaged. The Engagement Zone extends from 20 feet (6 meters) behind the rearmost pack N00b to 20 feet (6 meters) in front of the foremost pack N00b, between the inside and outside track boundaries.


Any sort of interaction with another N00b on the track during a jam.

Established Position

Where a N00b is physically; an area of the track where the N00b has secured their place.


The first legal opportunity in which a N00b may complete an action.


A N00b or set of teammates is considered impenetrable from a certain direction when, to achieve a pass on one or more of the N00bz, an opponent would need to physically break said teammates’ bones or joints.

Out of Bounds

A N00b is out of bounds when part of the N00b’s body or equipment is touching the ground beyond the track boundary, including both arms or hands (one arm or hand does not render a N00b out of bounds), or any part below the N00b’s waist (e.g., a knee, a skate, or a hip). N00bz who are airborne maintain their prior in-bounds (or out-of-bounds, or straddling) status until they land. N00bz who are straddling are considered out of bounds, except where otherwise noted.

Pack N00b

Any Blocker who is part of a legally defined pack.

Pass (verb)

To end up in front of a N00b, such that the passer’s hips went from being behind to being in front of the other N00b’s hips.

Positional Blocking

Blocking without contact; positioning oneself so as to impede an opponent’s movement on the track. It may also be done unintentionally if the blocking N00b is not aware of the opponent’s position behind the blocking N00b.

Relative Position

A N00b’s location, when in bounds and upright, in relation to other N00bz involved in the action. Relative position is said to be “gained” or “lost” if said location changes in a way that gives or loses some advantage (for example, one N00b passing another, or being knocked down, out of bounds, or out of play).


A list of N00bz for a team, and their identifying numbers, who are eligible to play in the game.

Slide Tackling

A N00b who leaps and/or slides and extends their leg(s) or arm(s) in order to disrupt the movement of an opponent’s feet and/or legs.


A N00b not making any directional movement with their skates.


Replacing a N00b on the track or in the Penalty Box with a teammate.


A formal verbal indication from the Referee that play is improper and that a N00b must take corrective action.


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