Hosting roller derby league recommend wheels in the range of 78A-101A for use on their floor

The Fartfordshire Rollers will be hosting their long-anticipated match-up against the Derpshire Rollergirls this coming weekend.

When asking the hosting team for wheel recommendations and information about the floor, the Derpshire Rollergirls received the following answer as part of the Fartfordshire Rollers’ visitor info pack:

Dear visiting team,

For skating on our floor, our recommendation is that the floor is pretty normal, so any wheels in the 78 to 101 range should be fine.

To aid you in selecting the right wheel set-up, we have included quotes from our skaters about their experience and recommendations on this floor.
Please let us know if you need any further information.

“The floor is made of wood.”

“When I wear 93s, I can definitely sometimes do hockey stops.”

“I used to think the floor was grippy, but now I’m not so sure anymore.”

“It’s perfect if I have all 93s with a 84 in the top corner.”

“It depends on whether they’ve cleaned the floor.”

“I would say it’s a bit gripper than sports court.”

“It feels just like our other venue and I use the same wheels that I use there, does that help?”

“I thought my 91s were perfect for the floor until I tried a one-footed backwards powerslide and now I might possibly change my set-up.”

“We’ve only played there in summer, but during winter and with a full moon it might feel different.”

“I use 84s, but I should say that I like things to be on the slidey side.”

“I use the same wheels on every floor, I only have one set. Not sure what they are. Green ones?”

“I use 88s, but my friend who is lighter than I sometimes uses 95s.”

“I’m not sure what I used, but I thought it was a great floor.”

“I use 62s and sometimes 59s.”

“My wheels are perfect for this floor, but they don’t make these wheels anymore.”

“The floor is sort of like sports court, but not. Do you know what I mean?”

“It feels grippy when I’m at standstill, but slippery when I’m going at top speed.”

“There is also this one patch in one corner that has been newly varnished, so that bit is completely different.”

“It’s concrete, but doesn’t really feel like it.”

“I was both jamming and blocking, so I used 93s.”

“The floor is good, though quite soft and squishy.”

“I use 98s, but sometimes I use 88s.”

“This is a fast floor.”

“It’s not really slippery, but it’s not sticky either.”

“It’s a great floor! Though not so good for plowing.”

“It’s a bit more slidey than you’d normally expect such floors to be.”

“Last time, I wore 84s and that was slightly too grippy, next time I wore 98s and that was slightly too slippery.”

“It’s a really hard floor, except sometimes when it isn’t.”

“I use a combo of 88s, 92s, 97s and 101s, and this is perfect for me.”

“I used to use 90s, but I think the whole floor been redone recently?”

“The floor is in the 90s-93s wheels range, but it’s also a bit sloped from one end of the hall to the other.”

“You’ll have to use 91s and above, because our insurance doesn’t cover anything below that.”

“I’ve just replaced my wheels with eight toe stops and that works well for me.”

We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions.

Fartfordshire Rollers

Drunk Time Fallacy, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, commented:
“One time a team said that their floor was grippy and then when we arrived they were all wearing 84s!”

“I’m going to bring all my wheels, including spare car tires … Just in case!”


WFTDA to clarify forearm penalties

The WFTDA have published a new rules update to clarify the mechanism and impact assessment of forearm penalties.

Under current WFTDA rules it is illegal to use forearms when blocking opposing skaters.
In recent years, there have been ongoing discussions and persistent confusion about what actions should warrant a forearm penalty.

The WFTDA have now responded by publishing a roller derby rules update, including a re-definition of forearm penalties.

WFTDA spokesperson Madnitude explained:
“All contact, regardless of blocking zone, is to be re-defined as forearm contact. In some unknown portion of cases, contact with opponents will be issued with a forearm penalty. This is with the exception of any actual forearm contact, which is now legal in all cases.”

“We decided on this move to keep up with current development in roller derby game dynamics. This change simply reflects the status quo, as this is how these penalties are being called by the majority of our officials at the moment.”

“In order to match up the content of the rule book and the way the officials make calls, it was easier to rewrite these sections of the rule book than to re-train such a large proportion of WFTDA-certified officials.”

Our member leagues are strongly in favour of this move. At least now the written rules are in line with how these actions are assessed during games. Things should now also be much less confusing for audiences.”

This move by the WFTDA is coming just prior to the upcoming WFTDA Championships. In addition to determining the top team of WFTDA Division 2, this tournament will see the top twelve Division 1 teams battle it out for the Hydra trophy.

When asked about the impact assessment of these re-defined forearm penalties, Madnitude commented: “Again, we tried to keep impact assessment consistent with how these calls are currently made so as to not confuse our membership, both players and officials. Referees will decide as individuals where they draw the impact line, just as they have done so far.”

The head of the WFTDA rules committee commented: “The phrasing of the forearm penalty section in the rules is now much improved. It clearly says:

‘When an illegal forearm or hand contact is materially aiding a skater in passing an opponent in relation to an opponent’s relative and absolute position then that selfsame skater’s actions may or may not warrant the issuing of a penalty and has anyone really been far the penalty even as decided which gain of relative position to use even go opponent want to do look more like.’

“And this is how the referees will be calling it at WFTDA champs. We hope that we have cleared up the forearm question once and for all.”

Meth Lab for a Cutie, of the WFTDA- member league Derpshire Rollergirls, commented by showing a whiteboard:

I still have no idea what a forearm penalty is anymore!