British leagues to pull out of WFTDA competitive season following Brexit

British roller derby leagues, including the London Rollergirls (LRG), Leeds Roller Dolls (LRD) and Rainy City Roller Derby (RCRD) have confirmed that they will be pulling out of the 2016 WFTDA competitive season due to the impact of the recent Brexit vote.

Standing in the rain outside the Thunderdome PeaWet, an RCRD spokesperson, commented:
“We’ve already lost a lot of EU funding over the last week. No funding, no venue; no venue, no training.”

La Grunge Point, of LRG, stated:
“It turns out that half of our members are European. Even some who we thought were Australian! They are preparing for deportation as we speak.”

Yakety Sax, of LRD, said:
“Leeds as a city was very divided on the referendum. And our membership has fallen out over the Leave vs Remain issue. Half our directors have now resigned and have left us in a complete mess.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Leagues were left with a more positive outlook, as Glasgow Roller Derby and Auld Reekie Rollergirls stated:
“We are looking at all the options and are hoping to have a membership vote on whether to remain part of this year’s WFTDA championship.”

WFTDA spokesperson Miniplenty expressed regret at these developments:
“We are very sad to see this happen. But we believe that the WFTDA Big 7 tournaments of 2016 will not be further affected by politics. However, we cannot currently make statements about next year’s season, as the US general elections are happening the week after WFTDA Champs.”


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