New skate brand enters roller derby market: TNOB

After a recent split in the leadership of a well known skate company, a new roller derby skate brand has emerged: TNOB.

TNOB offers quad skates, boots, plates, wheels and anything you need for your roller derby set-up; and they promise brand new technology to make you the skater you want to be.

Avid V, head of TNOB, tells us more about what TNOB brings to the market: “We did intensive research of currently available skate technology. We found a core area for improvement that other brands have left largely unexplored.”

“On our boots, we have added brand new ShoeLace™ Technology to tighten the boot and hold your feet in place. These are a complete upgrade from ordinary laces, as they are are fully exchangeable and customisable, and we have different colours and elasticities.”

“To get the most out of the exciting new ShoeLace™ Technology, we recommend switching to a complete TNOB skate and padding set-up. Come to our booth at a derby event near you and we will fit you with all the TNOB equipment that we think you need.”

Myriad players have already switched to a TNOB set-up. And a number of high level players represent TNOB on the roller derby market as part of the sponsored ‘Team TNOB’.

Using #tnobulated as their hashtag, players like Team USA skater GMO FTW have been busily promoting TNOB on social media.

In a recent announcement, TNOB also opened up Team TNOB to new members:
“You too could be on Team TNOB! Submit a video of you acting like a TNOB for the chance to be on team TNOB at rollercon!”


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