After five years: derby player finally gets team mate’s derby name pun

After five years, a Roller derby player has finally understood the pun in her team mate’s roller derby name.

At last weekend’s bout, Skatelyn, of the Derpshire Rollergirls, was hit by a sudden realisation and finally understood the meaning behind her team mate’s roller derby name.

Skatelyn commented:
“I cannot believe I didn’t see it before! ”

“Her name is ‘Poocahontas’. You know – ‘poo’ like pooing and ‘Pocahontas’ like in Disney!”

Poocahontas commented:
“This is unbelievable. Skatelyn and I are derby wives and have been best friends every since we started playing. How can she not have gotten this until now?”

Skatelyn explained:
“I guess I thought it was just her real name or something.”


Roller derby beginners don’t think it’s worth checking derby name ideas

Roller derby gives players the opportunity to pick a ‘derby name’, an alter ego under which to play. But when presented with myriad options for a suitable name it is apparently very easy to make questionable choices.

We followed several Fresh Meat skaters of the Derpshire Rollergirls who are currently in the process of picking their derby names.

When asked how she would pick her derby name, Fresh Meat member Izzy commented: “I have a really fearless skating style and I’m crazy about cats. So I thought I could call myself ‘Kamikaze Kitten’, how cool is that?”

“I also like Batman, so maybe I’ll go with ‘Gotham Girl’. Or ‘London Brawling’, you know, based on that song.”

When the group was asked if it might be worth ‘testing’ their name ideas with a couple of friends, the skaters thought it not necessary.

Skater Lucy commented: “I haven’t told any of my team mates about my ideas, because I don’t want them to steal my awesome name. I am really unique and quirky. I don’t think other people have the creativity and individuality to create as good a name.”

“My derby name is based on my favourite ever TV series that started last month. This name will make me cool for years to come!”

Laura, another recent member of the Derpshire Rollergirls, was looking forward to her new nickname: “I’m thinking of calling myself ‘Thorpedo’. It will be so awesome when people start calling me ‘Thor’!”

One skater in the group, Jessica, had already chosen her name: “I’m going to be ‘No Means Jess’. I’m sure the other Rollergirls will find that hilarious!”

Skater Becky was still undecided: “I’ve had some name ideas. I love waffles and my skating involves lots of stomping. So I thought I could be ‘Waffle Stomp’. I’ve also considered ‘Flaming Amazon’, ‘Angry Dragon’, or ‘Screwnicorn’, because those all sound really cool and I love fantasy. These names are all really personal, so I don’t see any reason at all to check online if these names already exist.”

“It’s just not worth wasting my time googling all these ideas. I can spend that time better by ordering scrimmage tops with the name on the back.”

“After all, getting a derby name was the main reason I got into this whole roller derby thing.”